Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Catch up -- other notes from 2016 - Paddy and skating

We got a dog! We went to the Humane Society and as soon as they brought in this dog, we knew she was just right for us.  Avery even said "She's a perfect dog!" and we just love her.  Her name is Paddy, short for Paddington (as in Bear).  She is maybe 5 years old and a Catahoula Hound mix.  She is quiet and gentle, and she doesn't get up in the morning until Caleb has snuggled with her.

 During the winter, Avery and Caleb took ice skating lessons at the Brentwood rink.  They both got really good at skating! Since I love to ice skate, this makes me very happy:

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love the posts! :)