Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 weeks pregnant!

Carolyn is now 30 weeks along in her pregnancy. We are so excited for Avery to be a big brother and for this new addition to our family!

Carolyn at exactly 30 weeks pregnant:

Rebecca at 30 weeks pregnant (way back in April 2007!)

Carolyn snuggling with soon-to-be big brother Avery!

Last Saturday, we went to the West Haven beach in Connecticut. We'd been working on the potty training, but it was a beautiful day outside, and we needed to go out! Avery LOVED the beach (well, we all did)! Unfortunately, our camera battery died so we only got a few pictures. But Avery could have spent all day sitting at the edge of the water, letting each wave splash his chest, and shrieking with joy each time.

This was the same beach we took Avery to when he was just a couple of weeks old:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun with Parker!

We went up to Massachusetts to visit our friends. Avery adores their daughter Parker. Since we got back, he has been asking to "go Parker's house?" It is so fun to see them playing together. Avery also played with her baby brothers and sister (triplets!).

I LOVE the joy and exuberance expressed in these two pictures: