Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to Caleb!

Happy 5th Birthday to Caleb! Caleb makes us laugh everyday.  He is hilarious, SO SMART, curious and athletic (he does crazy flips and cartwheels! We've got to get him enrolled in gymnastics!).  And he's a talker -- when we drive him to preschool in the mornings, he chats nonstop about anything and everything.  We definitely wanted to make his 5th birthday special.   So we had a family party at home on his actual birthday(at which Avery was the host with the most, setting out drinks in coolers, helping me set out gifts and decorate the cake) and then a party with cousins and friends at Ohlendorf park; we rented the pavilion and brought food, crafts (make-your-own robots out of pretzel sticks, fruit loops and marshmallows) and costumes (superhero and princess costumes Carolyn and some of her staff members made).  The kids played on the playground, played some games (races and "Red Light, Green Light"), ate lunch (Carolyn put out platters of sandwiches shaped like the number 5) and had awesome cake (Transformer cupcakes).  The weather was beautiful, and it was a great day.