Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Weekend Part Three (Peter's Party)

I think this is the last birthday celebration for a while. It is really nice to be so close to Peter and his family that we get to visit with them twice in one weekend! Avery had lots of fun with the big kids there.

Playing catch with a ball:

Chasing the big kids up the stairs:

Avery and Jaya:

Jaya, Jonah, Kaylie:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend Part Two (Avery's Party)

Avery and Sammy:

Smiling Sammy:

Jess and the birthday boy:

Paolo, Sally and Oliver:

Great Uncle Peter with cousins:

Mica and Aria:

Katia and Sammy:

James and Andrew:

Carolyn should be holding the cupcakes, not me, since she's the one who baked them! I love these farm animal marshmallows -- if you look closely, you can see that the cow marshmallow even has little pink udders!

Kim, Jess, and Olivia (who seemed to really enjoy her cupcake!):

"Happy Birthday Dear Avery, Happy Birthday to You!"

After his post-party nap, Avery played with his new presents. His friends gave him so many wonderful new toys, clothes, and books! In this first picture, he's playing with Snook (a gift from Gogo) who sings and dances and sounds just like Great Uncle Peter! In the background, there is the gift from Olivia (also from her mommies Kim and Jess): the "Lil' Quad" Power Wheels car! It's still in the box for now, but once we get it out of there and charge the battery, Avery is going to be SO excited to drive his new vehicle!

Birthday Weekend Part One (Oliver's Party)

Oliver turned one just three days after Avery! To celebrate, he had a party in Central Park, by the pond. It was a lot of fun to be outdoors and listen to songs, chase bubbles, crawl in the grass, and snack on Paolo's homemade Brazilian bread and birthday cake!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos: daycare party!

It was a relatively small group at daycare this afternoon, just Belen and one assistant, plus Belen's daughter Belencita and four of the "big boys" plus the little baby Noah (as opposed to the "big baby" Avery). The kids were SO excited about balloons and cupcakes and goody bags!

Belencita kept sneaking more cupcakes and Matthew (in the red shirt) asked his dad who came to pick him up during the party if he could have "mas cupcake?" When we left, Belencita said "Adios Avery! I'll miss you!" We thought that was adorable! She's almost 3 but the same height as Avery (he definitely weighs more than her though). All of the kids love Avery. It's very cute to see him interact with the older kids.

Belen and Avery together:

Each child has a photo, and when they come to daycare, the parent is supposed to move their photo over to the school picture, and then back to the "home" picture when they leave. There is also a schedule of all the birthdays in the group.

First Birthday, First haircut!

Above, Avery's certificate stating that he has "bravely and patiently" received his first haircut. We went to "Clara's Cuts" in Scarsdale. Something about Clara reminded me of (an Eastern European) Carrie Fisher in Star Wars. She was very nice and Avery was SO good! She said he was "one in a million" since he was so good while she cut his hair. Maybe she says that to all the kids, but it was still nice to hear.



We went to the Scholastic Store next to the salon where Avery got to ride Clifford and play with some toys:

We can't believe he is one year old today! There will be more pictures coming. He is taking a nap now, but later this afternoon we are going to his daycare armed with cupcakes, goody bags, and a camera for his birthday party there. When I dropped him off there yesterday, the kids were making birthday-themed art projects for Avery's party (cute!!!!) and we are excited to see him celebrate with his friends at daycare.