Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camp Saint Louis 2011 -- part 1!

At his great grandparents' house, Avery put on very big boots and had fun playing in their yard:

Another birthday cake with Uncle Donnie!

A Saint Louis tradition: frozen custard from Ted Drewe's, which is eaten in the trunk of your car, of course!

First trip to Grant's Farm with Gogo and Aunt Melanie:

Mama joined the rest of the family for the 4th of July weekend. Our first stop: Ted Drewe's-yum!

Another trip to Grant's farm with Victoria, Dan and cousin Colin. We then went to their house, where Avery and Colin played very well together! They ended up in the bathtub together, and Caleb joined them too!

Camp Saint Louis 2011 -- part two!

It was so much fun to play in the sprinkler at Gogo's house!

We had a great evening at Colleen and Robert's house. Avery and Zoey played really well together and when it got late, they watched some TV together in bed.

We visited Uncle John at the firehouse where he works. We had to warn Avery that John is "very loud but not angry," which Avery kept in mind.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daycare party 2011!

Avery on his 4th birthday! He started his day by riding his bike up and down the hallway (and even trying to eat his breakfast on the bike at the same time -- this was unsuccessful). Mom came to his preschool to read his favorite Danny and the Dinosaur book to the class, and we both went to his daycare in the afternoon with cupcakes for a little party:

Avery's 4th Birthday: a puppet party!

We're not sure how we'll top this next year. What a great party! It was a beautiful day and we had about 50 guests (adults and kids combined). We served coffee, juice, bagels with cream cheese, fruit and cupcakes. The kids made their own puppets out of paper bags and decorations. Peter put on an amazing puppet show -- the adults were laughing as much as the kids! It was fantastic!