Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reminiscing about Avery's birthdays

Happy 1st birthday! (2008)

Happy 2nd birthday! (2009)

Happy 3rd birthday! (2010)

Happy 4th birthday! (2011)

Happy 5th birthday! (2012)

Happy 6th birthday! (2013)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Port Three: Freeport, Bahamas

For the third and final port, we left the kids on the boat with Gogo so that we could do something we'd always wanted to try: snorkeling! We rode on a boat out into the water, put on our snorkeling gear and flippers, and jumped in the water.  We were given bags of fish food, which helped the fish come really close to us.  We saw amazing, beautiful tropical fish and coral.  Truth be told, Carolyn screamed every time a fish came too close or touched her.  But we held hands and swam together, and it was a remarkable experience.

Then we got back on the boat to try its waterslide into the water.  Wheeee!

Port Two: Nassau, Bahamas

We had never been to the Bahamas before, but what everyone says is true: the water is so blue, warm and beautiful! We went to a wonderful resort for the day, where we all enjoyed the beach and pool, and the adults enjoyed some frozen cocktails.

Port one: Port Canaveral, FL

Some people went to Disney World.  Some folks went to Harry Potter World.  Others visited the Kennedy Space Center.  The O'Laughlins went to:

This tacky, roadside attraction was perfect for us because Caleb LOVES alligators! It was a hot and sticky day, but we got to see and feed alligators (they ate pieces of hot dog off of fishing poles!) and Caleb even got to hold a baby alligator.  

"Big Boat vacation" 2013

 Last summer we had an amazing vacation in Florida.  But this Carnival Cruise may just win the title of "best vacation ever." Above: the boat's "whale tail."

 See Carolyn's feet relaxing?
 Many many many games of miniature golf were played.
 Caleb was too little for the water slide.  But Avery (and I!) enjoyed it greatly!

 Karaoke with a live band! I sang Spice Girls (of course) and Carolyn sang "This is how we do it" by Montel Jordan.
 Above: one of many meals at the buffet.  Below: the  beautiful cake delivered to our cabin in honor of Avery's 6th birthday.

 Above: the best souvenir cup ever! The blowfish cup came with a sort-of-good/ sort-of-disgusting watermelon daiquiri, but afterwards we put juice and water in it for Caleb to enjoy.
 Above: Avery eating peanut butter and laying in a "relaxing chair" on our balcony. Below: making good use of the binoculars we brought along.