Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Meanwhile, Back at Mama's" part two

More photos as I try to play catch up! We went to the hot air balloon festival last weekend for both the Friday night balloon glow and the Saturday afternoon balloon launch.

St. Louis is known for barbecue, and the food here has inspired me to start a new blog (we'll see if I keep up with it or not).  Carolyn and I enjoyed barbecue at Smoking Barrels BBQ - I also had some tasty ribs and pulled pork at last weekend's Taste of St. Louis festival, although I don't recall what restaurant it was from.  Soon, I am determined to make a trip to Pappy's, which is supposed to have the best BBQ in St. Louis.

Here are some photos from a recent trip to the Magic House.  They had a special exhibit on theater, and Caleb put on his "Elsa cape" to belt out "Let it Go" on stage.

Finally, Avery got to visit me at work one day.  He said I work in a castle! The university is certainly impressive.

"Meanwhile, Back at Mama's" -- big changes for this clan!

Long time, no post.  That is because our family has gone through a big change: after 12 years of big city living, we decided to pack our bags (well, our U Haul) and leave the East Coast for some midwestern living.  We decided to move because we wanted to live closer to family, and also the expense of living in New York finally got to us.  After a couple of months of hard core job-searching, Carolyn and I both landed new positions, and we moved in with my in-laws. Yes, at the age of 35, we moved back home!  But it's only temporary -- we're saving to buy our own house soon.

We have had a lot of fun so far in STL.   Here are a few photos of some fun memories.

First day of 2nd grade for our Avery and first day of Pre-K for our Caleb:

As soon as we moved in, we joined the local swim club -- less than 5 minutes from my in-laws' house, it is a lovely spot with several outdoor pools, a water slide, a kiddie area, a hot tub and lots of fun.  You can even drink beer there!  We'll definitely join next summer too.  We went every day until it closed for the season! The boys LOVED it!