Thursday, September 8, 2011

hand-me-downs and a puppy

Caleb is now nearly 11 months old and doing great! He is walking a little bit, he says "Mama" and "Uh oh," and his new tricks are clapping his hands and stretching his arms up when we say "So big!" He just adores his big brother, and they love taking "brother bubble baths" together -- although Avery is usually ready to kick Caleb out after about 2 minutes of Caleb splashing water all over the place and making a big mess!

Flashback to 2008: Avery wore this same tee shirt when he was about 9 months old. We love hand-me-downs!

Mom took Caleb for a walk to the farmer's market where he devoured an entire (huge) peach. Yummy! and messy.

We really enjoyed our weekend guest, Butterscotch. He is the same age as Caleb and just as energetic! We were exhausted, but also giddy from all the cuteness! However, this visit made us realize that we are not going to get a new dog until the boys are much older because they are a lot of work!