Friday, August 11, 2017

Avery goes to sleepaway camp

We love Trout Lodge in Potosi and have gone several times for family weekend getaways.  When Avery asked us if he could go to Camp Lakewood there for overnight summer camp, we said yes, but were a bit nervous about him being away from home for the first time.  We shouldn't have worried -- he loved it and did great! Next year, he'll go for an entire week (this year's session was a mini 4-day
/3-night session for 1st-time campers).

Happy camper at pickup!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Santa Claus, Indiana

We had a 3-day weekend so decided to go somewhere new -- Santa Claus, Indiana! It's a cute town, but there's not a lot there except for the big amusement park, Holiday World.  But we had fun, as we always do! We stayed at the Santa Lodge motel, which had an indoor and outdoor pool, ziplines, paddle boats and a trampoline bounce.  We also went to the big Christmas store and bought some ornaments and even saw Santa, who asked the boys if they clean their rooms and eat their veggies. He let them sign their names on the "Nice" list!

WRTS Birthday Party

We had won a birthday party package at We Rock the Spectrum, an indoor gym designed for kids with autism, and it was great! We had the whole place to ourselves, and Avery and his Hudson pals had a great time.  The kids loved the zipline, the trampoline, the swings, and the food we brought! It was perfect:

And on Avery's actual birthday, we celebrated with Melanie, Chris, Gogo and Grandpa by having dinner all together at the Cheesecake Factory: 

NYC Boy! Turning 10

Avery just loves New York City! So we decided for his DOUBLE DIGIT birthday to take him there.  It was just Avery and me! We stayed at Josh's apartment in Hill House and got to spend time with him, Valerie, Natalie and we also saw my uncle Peter and cousins in Katonah.  It was great.  Avery is so happy when he is in New York!

We rode on "The Beast," a high-speed tourist boat that goes out to the Statue of Liberty.  We got wet! But we didn't mind.

 After buying some souvenirs in Times Square, we had dinner together at Planet Hollywood.
 We spent a day at Rye Playland with Valerie and Josh!

 We also stopped in Central Park to see the Delacorte Clock.

Summer Fun 2017

Happy Summer! We joined the Maplewod Pool and it's fun to see a lot of our Rock Hill pals there. Both boys have mastered the diving boards and Caleb is finally (more-or-less) tall enough for the water slides (depending on how strict the lifeguard on duty is!)

 We also spent a day at 6 Flags:
 And we had a fun afternoon at the Magic House.