Monday, June 16, 2014

Random fun and cuteness, late Spring 2014

Above and below: selfies taken during walks with each of my boys during a walk along the Bronx River path.

Above and below: pictures taken at Butch and Linda's house in St. Louis.  We went for a short visit (Avery and me only stayed a few days - then we had to head back to New York for work and school.  Carolyn and Caleb stayed much longer).  The boys loved hanging out with their cool cousin Cody.

Below: Avery is often "on glitter" at school, meaning he was a good listener and behaved appropriately.  Occasionally, he will come home with a certificate boasting that he was on "super glitter," which is very exciting!  This picture was taken after a particularly hard week during which Avery tried to be on super glitter each day, but was unsuccessful.  Finally on Friday, he came home on super glitter!

Bottom: We took a "city adventure" in New York where we walked along the Highline (very cool place to walk!) and then stopped in Chelsea Market where I got a treat at Fat Witch bakery (I love their "witchinno's") and the boys each got a very cool cupcake.  Avery of course chose an Angry Bird cupcake, and Caleb wanted an Olaf (from "Frozen").

Finally: look at this sweet, sleeping boy.  He looks like a baby here, but this boy is 3 1/2 and takes up all the room in the bed!

Easter 2014

I made my very first lamby cake, using the same pan that my mother used to make the lamb cake every Easter.  For my first attempt, I think it turned out really well.  It tasted exactly as I remembered it, and I made 7-minute icing for the first time, which also turned out well.  The Easter Bunny hid eggs in our yard for Avery and Caleb to search for, and he also very generously left them each baskets with candy, toys, and new underwear!  We spent Easter afternoon in Queens at our good friends' house for a great day full of friendship and food.