Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carousel fun!

We went to Olivia's 4th birthday party at a carousel on Long Island. Avery LOVED it!

Avery with the birthday girl:

36 weeks 5 days!

We are getting ready for the new baby, and Avery decided to help put things in the crib.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

As we get ready for baby #2, our colleagues threw us a big baby shower (a surprise for Carolyn, not so much a surprise for me). It was wonderful, and we were touched by how much thought and generosity went into the festivities.

When we were getting ready for baby #1, we took a "Weekend Warriors" Lamaze class, and we still get together with several couples every few months. It is always fun. This time, our kids are 3 years old! We met up at Central Park where the kids played on the playground, and then we found a nice grassy area to sit and have a picnic:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Avery's first day of (pre)school!

Avery is starting preschool! He will be going to preschool every day from 9-11:30. Then one of us will come pick him up and take him to daycare for the afternoon while we are still at work. He had met the teacher already, and since the preschool is in our backyard, he knows it well! On the first day, both of us stayed in the classroom to watch him play, color, paint, and then sit at the table with his classmates and eat his snack (raisins) while the teacher read "Goodnight Moon." Avery kept looking at us like "Do you hear this!? She's reading OUR story!!" all excited because he knew the words. Overall, it went well, and we hope that he loves it. The other moms were all very nice, and Avery already made a new friend.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rye Playland Rocks!

I had been dying to take Avery back to Rye Playland. We only went once before, for the 4th of July in 2008. It is ridiculous that we haven't been more -- it is less than 30 minutes away, inexpensive (for an amusement park), and so fun! We went with Avery's friend Reed and his mom. The boys loved everything: a slide that you go down in a burlap sack (funny how much they loved the least high-tech ride), a log ride where we got very wet, a kid's roller coaster, and pretty much everything else they weren't too short for! They especially loved what looked to be a decades-old window display featuring Little Miss Muffet who jerks back every time the spider drops down into her whey. The boys shrieked with delight every time the spider dropped! Today was even (LGBT) "Pride at Playland!" so we came on a good day.

This was an odd ride, where the boys sat in a monkey's lap and it jiggled around. They LOVED it and rode it twice!

Hanging out by the Pride pavilion:

On this boat ride, both boys kept getting scolded for dunking their hands in the water. But how could they resist?!

Just relaxing at home:

33 weeks 4 days and fun with a scooter

Just some cute pictures of Avery playing blocks:

Avery got this cool Toy Story scooter for his birthday from friends. We waited for a quiet weekend day with no plans to take it out and enjoy it outside. Avery LOVED riding it around, and he even took it with him to the playground and buried it in the sand.