Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Play days at home

Avery and I ("Mama") have this week to ourselves at home while Carolyn ("Turkey Mama") is at work because I don't start teaching until next week. Avery promptly got a cold when we returned from St. Louis, but he has been enjoying playing at home. The weather outside is awful, so we've just been taking it easy inside. Here are some of his favorite activities so far:

We were going to save this for a surprise later on once the weather is warmer, but since our building is almost completely empty, I thought it would be fun to ride it in the hallway. What impressed me was that Avery instantly put on the helmet, without me even telling him to do so. I'm sure it's from daycare (they have scooters there)

Avery has NEVER before shown interest in this toy; it's a cow bowling ball that "Mooos" when you roll it toward the pins, which are bottles of milk. But maybe because he watched some Wii bowling over Christmas, he understood what to do and really enjoyed it:

Avery pulled off all the cushions of our "new" couch and made this fort-like thing. Normally we are strict about this couch (it's in really good condition so we're trying to prevent its inevitable destruction), but he had so much fun!

Avery takes his little trains with him EVERYWHERE which is funny but sometimes annoying. We refer to his trains as his "entourage."