Monday, May 27, 2013

Zoo visit

We decided to spend Memorial Day at the Bronx zoo.  We normally try to avoid the zoo on holidays and in fact prefer to go when it is cool/rainy/fall/winter, simply because we like to avoid the crowds.  But our friend Tara and her son were excited about the new dinosaur exhibit, so we decided to join them and we're so glad we did! We visited the Mouse House, the Butterfly garden, we rode the Bug Carousel twice, we saw the penguins and the sea lions, AND, after a long (2 hour!) wait in line, we went on the Dinosaur safari.  Cool stuff!

Hannah's senior recital

We are all so proud of my youngest sister Hannah for being a violin superstar!  It was wonderful to go to her senior recital in Bloomington to see her perform, hear amazing music and have a lovely family reunion.  


 I finally, finally finally finished my Ph.D!!!! I didn't know if it would happen but it DID, and I got to graduate with my peers at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.  J'en suis ravie et tres fiere!!!