Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter in St. Louis

 "Let it Go!" Caleb's preschool holiday concert.  Below: the cutest pajamas ever! Perfect for Christmas.

We are still exploring all the fun places in St. Louis.  We got a family membership to the Science Center and we've been to the zoo and Grant's Farm.  We recently discovered the Incredible Pizza Company -- it's like Chuck E Cheese but bigger, cleaner and without the violence (there has been a shooting and a stabbing at a local Chuck E Cheese within the last month!).  There is glow in the dark mini golf, bumper cars, bowling, go karts and tons of video games.  Avery loves the bumper cars and go karts.  Caleb was excited by a Transformers/Rescue Bots video game.  And they both love the motorcycle/race car video games.

Another place we love is the Magic House.  It's a children's museum full of fun! Caleb loves the hall of mirrors, the Lewis and Clark exploration forest, the giant Beanstalk he can climb, the construction site, and really everything.  On a recent visit, Caleb was exploring different vocations.  He pretended to be a librarian (and loved scanning the bar codes on books!), a grocer, a pizza chef, a pediatrician, a veterinarian, a construction worker, President of the United States (!) and a bank robber.

Avery and I drove up to Michigan to spend a weekend with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday.  It was special to spend a weekend together just the two of us, although we would have liked to have Caleb and Carolyn come also.  Avery and I stayed at a hotel with a fun jacuzzi tub and a nice pool.  We enjoyed playing board games, Legos, and eating lots of good food with Opa, Sarah, Chica and Ethan.  As soon as we got back to St Louis, Avery created a "Mii" for Ethan on the Wii so that Ethan can play with Avery when he comes to visit!