Friday, January 19, 2018

Thanksgiving in Michigan

The boys and I went to Chica and Sarah's new house in Lansing for Thanksgiving.  Carolyn had too much PhD work to do, so she stayed back in STL.  We had a great time relaxing, playing lots of board games, watching "The Simpsons," going to the Pottery Park zoo and just spending time together.  Hannah and Caleb came up for Thanksgiving dinner as well:

More October 2017 memories

Our family's main event in October is, of course, Caleb's birthday! But this October we managed to squeeze in some additional fun:

Avery and I saw his first full-length musical/play, The Wizard of Oz:
 Carolyn and I went out with some family members and friends to the Witches Night Out event in Kimmswick:

Avery has never been a fan of Halloween.  These days, he won't even say the word.  He spells it out: "H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N."  Nevertheless, he agreed to wear a costume for the school parade.  He was the Statue of Liberty, and Caleb had several different costumes, including a gorilla, a zombie, and, while trick-or-treating with his buddy in Old Webster, a baseball player:

Winter Wonderland Walk in Tilles Park

We live close to Tilles Park, which has a huge lights display every winter.  A few lucky folks are able to obtain tickets to walk through the park before it is open to the public for driving only - this year, we were among those lucky folks! Walking through is a great experience! We got to take our time and look at everything thoroughly, and then we even got to stop at a church on the way back to our car for hot chocolate and cookies.

Looking back: November 2017

We spent an awesome "St. Louis Saturday" exploring the City Museum and then having lunch nearby at the Fountain on Locust:

Back at home, Caleb insisted we get out the "good china" for a fancy tea party:

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Birthday to our SEVEN year old, Caleb!

Caleb's 7-year-old birthday celebration started with a joint party at a magic house with his BFF Malin, whose birthday is the same day!  They had a great time with all their first grade buddies and got to bounce around on inflatables, enjoy a magic show, learn magic tricks and have treats:

Today, on his actual birthday, Carolyn and I went to the kids' elementary school to bring cupcakes and read a story.  Caleb picked out "Halloweenie," and ended up reading the whole book to his class, only needing help with a couple of words! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Pizza Party

On one of the very first days of school (Avery's in 5th grade now! And Caleb's a big 1st grader!), there was an exciting total solar eclipse!  I went to their school to watch the eclipse with them.  All the kids had made solar glasses and were very safe about not looking directly at the eclipse until there was complete coverage, and the sky got dark and we started hearing crickets chirping.  It was really cool.

A couple of weeks later, some camping plans that Caleb and I had fell through, so in order to still have a fun Friday night, we invited some kids over to make pizzas and watch the Captain Underpants movie.  It was a lot of fun! Even Ella from down the street came by to hang out with the little boys.  And our friend Melanie brought capes for the kids to wear to get into superhero mode while they watched the movie.  So fun!