Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Once again, Carolyn went above and beyond to make Halloween awesome: she rocked the Trunk or Treat events at her work and at Avery's school (our van was the BEST); she nearly single-handedly hosted Avery's class party by providing snacks, crafts, and a witch's cauldron full of goodies, and, when Caleb told us that he wanted to dress up as a "transformer who really transforms," she whipped up an amazing costume out of cardboard boxes, red and blue tape, and some Velcro. He had several costumes this year! But since Avery went yet again with his iPhone t-shirt, the boys balanced each other out.

Avery's school party included a performance (!) in which Avery played the role of "Mr. Miller," married to "Mrs. Miller" (played by his teacher -- awkward!)

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SophisticatedBrew said...

LOL to the play. Cute pics.